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We value our patients' experience at Market Place Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeff Bowers
Your Seattle/Kirkland/Edmonds Chiropractor

This chiropractor is very good. I have been to a few chiropractors but Dr. Bowers is the most detailed and thorough one I have seen. He really helped my after my car accident to get back to where I was before my injuries. This office is great in that they offer a complete approach at rehab for injuries.

My family and I started seeing Dr. Bowers after we were involved in a car accident. My two kids were both complaining of bad headaches and they went away soon after being adjusted by Dr. Bowers. My wife and I also had great results and were extremely pleased with how we were all treated by Dr. Bowers and his staff. I highly recommend him to people we know.

I went to see Dr. Bowers because my low back was really bothering me after running. My personal trainer referred me to Dr. Bowers because he works with a lot of runners. After getting adjusted and fitted for some custom orthotics, I could run long distances without my low back bothering me during or after my runs.

I brought my daughter to see Dr .Bowers to see if chiropractic could help with her asthma. I read that chiropractic adjustments could potentially help reduce the severity. She noticed a big difference on the soccer field after being adjusted.

I was skeptical at first to see a chiropractor but a co-worker urged me to see Dr. Bowers for my chronic headaches. Dr. Bowers examined me and found two misalignments in my neck that were pinching nerves and causing my headaches. I noticed a difference after the first adjustment and I now have been without a headache for the past two months.

My experience with my chiropractic care in this office has been great. Dr. Bowers really spends time with me and listens to me when we discuss my health concerns. I always feel so much better after I leave his office.

I went to see Dr. Bowers after I had a fall and injured my low back. It was so bad that I was routinely missing work and was not able to exercise at all because of the pain. After being adjusted by Dr. Bowers my low back was 80% better after three weeks of treatment. It’s great to feel like I have my life back after how bad the pain was before I went to see Dr. Bowers.

​This is a great office! Very warm and welcoming. Dr. Bowers and his staff really make you feel at home. I highly recommend this office if you are looking for a good chiropractor and nice office.

I have been to several chiropractors over the past 30 years and Dr. Bowers seems to have the best approach to patient care and gives a great adjustment. He and his staff do a great job to create a family atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

Dr. Bowers has really helped me with his treatment. After living with chronic pain I finally decided to see a chiropractor. My daughter sees Dr. Bowers and she urged me to see him. I am very grateful for the results that I have seen after being adjusted by Dr. Bowers. Thank you for everything that you do and for helping me.

What a refreshing experience my family and I had at Dr. Bowers’ office. He and his staff really listen and spend a great deal of time with us. We always walk out of his office feeling so much better. Thank you Dr. Bowers!

After trying physical therapy for an injury that occurred on a construction site, I was not improving. A coworker who sees Dr. Bowers recommended that I go see him and try chiropractic. Dr. Bowers fixed my low back and I have been able to get back to work. I am thankful for the work that Dr. Bowers does in his office.

I met Dr. Bowers at a health fair and talked to him about the chronic headaches that I have suffered from for years. He offered for me to come in to his office and he did a complementary exam and x-rays of my neck for me. He showed me misalignments in my neck that were putting pressure on nerves. After getting adjusted for a couple of weeks, my headaches were gone and have not returned.

Dr. Bowers was highly recommended by a neighbor of mine. I had never been to a chiropractor and was hoping to get some help with carpal tunnel problems. I started getting my neck and wrists adjusted by Dr. Bowers and couldn’t believe the difference it made. I have had so much relief and I am so grateful.

Dr. Bowers really helped me after a ski injury I had from a bad fall. I experienced severe whiplash and a fractured pelvis. Once my pelvis healed, Dr. Bowers was able to adjust me and correct my alignment again. I feel like I have regained my former self and I have Dr. Bowers to thank for it.

Great office and great location in Kirkland! My personal trainer recommended I see Dr. Bowers for an evaluation. He showed me how my posture was affecting my running performance. We are working on correcting my posture and I can feel a difference after running.

My wife and I decided to take our 2 year old son to Dr. Bowers after our Naturopath recommended that we see him for our son’s problems with ear infections. Dr. Bowers found a problem in his upper neck and started adjusting him. Six months later and no ear aches or ear infections.

I got rear-ended in a car accident and suffered from severe headaches and neck pain. I tried taking medication but it did not help me. I couldn’t sleep at night and it was getting worse. My medical doctor referred me to Dr. Bowers for an evaluation. Dr. Bowers has been adjusting me and there has been a huge improvement in how I feel. Thank you Dr. Bowers!

I have been to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Bowers ranks right up there as the best. Very thorough and detailed in everything he does and he gives a great adjustment.

I have been seeing Dr. Bowers for 11 years now and really appreciate the personalized attention he gives his patients. I feel very comfortable recommending him to my family, friends, and neighbors because I know that he will take great care of them. He is very professional in all that he does. 

My personal trainer referred me to Dr. Bowers to help me in my triathlon training. I was having some mid-back and low back complaints that were holding me back from my optimal performance. I have seen a huge difference in my training since being adjusted by Dr. Bowers. I can’t say enough about his approach to patient care and they way he has worked with me.

What a refreshing experience! I have been in other offices and felt like I was being sold something. Dr. Bowers gave me options as far as how I wanted to be treated in his office. No pressure or sales pitch. He put together a relief plan for me and I can say that is has helped a lot.

I have been to other chiropractors on the eastside but Dr. Bowers has the most thorough approach that I have experienced. The time he spent with me during the evaluation process was great. He explained all of his findings to me before we started the adjustments. He is also very skilled at adjusting and I feel so much better after being adjusted by him. Thank you Dr. Bowers!

I first started seeing Dr. Bowers after I was involved in a bad car accident a couple of years ago. I had severe whiplash and was having severe neck pain with migraine headaches. The treatment I received from Dr. Bowers at his office got me back to where I was at before my accident.

After suffering with chronic headaches, I consulted a neurologist and had and MRI done which did not show anything conclusive that was causing my headaches. My neurologist referred me to Dr .Bowers for a consultation and evaluation. Dr. Bowers found that my neck was curved in the wrong direction and this could be causing my headaches. We began a corrective plan to get my neck normal again. Six weeks into his treatment plan my headaches were gone. Amazing! I can’t say enough about the work he does in his office.

I have had a great experience at Dr. Bowers’ office and I feel very comfortable recommending him to my friends and family. He is very professional and my experience in his office has been tremendous.

Dr. Bowers helped me with problems I was having in my shoulder and elbow from years of throwing a baseball. He adjusted my elbow and shoulder and it really helped. I can throw again without having shooting pain in my joints.

Dr. Bowers has helped me so much with my posture. I sit in front of a computer all day and he has really helped correct and prevent for slouching posture. Chiropractic has been a great help in my day to day work activity.

This is a really nice office. I started taking my son to see Dr. Bowers and then I became a patient after I saw how much chiropractic was helping my son with his overall level of health.

I highly recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone who is need of a great chiropractor in Kirkland. My husband and kids all see Dr. Bowers too and he has been great to our family. We appreciate the care he provides for us.